Big Play Potential

14 Mar

Dallas Kimball's 2015, wide receiver, Kedarian Jones fits the mold of a young athlete who is ready to develop into a big impact high school/college wide receiver and maybe more. Traveling all over the state of Texas, Speed Rank sees athlete's all the time and we understand when one of these athletes has potential. To catch it at a young age, you can really develop a special opportunity. Jones' size and jumping ability combo at age 16 is highly above average. Most 6'2, 16 year-olds are starting to transition into the offensive or defensive line specimen. Jones' with a 37.5" leap is securing a bright wide receiver future. Jones runs a 4.8 currently, but could easily break that down to a 4.6 in the next year and then work at a 4.5 his senior year. It takes work and that will be his decision. With the raw tools he has displayed... Jones is a prospect and will play at the next level.