Running Back with a Fluid Stride

02 May

Some players do not get seen because of the location they live in and for various other reasons, but there is talent in all parts of Texas. Cleveland, TX is located about an hour northeast of Downtown Houston... and has one of the most athletic players in the whole state. Brandon Foster is a 5'11 170 lb. 2014 running back that has recently transferred to Furr HS from Cleveland HS. Foster has raw talent. One of the most impressive tools he owns is leg fluidity. Natural runners can raise their knees higher with each stride, due to a flexibility of the groin that creates a free ranging motion. Foster has this. You can notice in his run that his legs move on their own, Foster's high knees allow him to have a longer stride and completes the 40 yard dash with one to two less strides(20 steps) than the average athlete. At first glance, he is a natural looking athlete, but lacks the teaching of certain test like the shuttle or vertical jump which could easily be improved. He was able to run a 4.49 in the 40 using cleat-less tennis shoes. Foster's running ability relates to the field as well. His game film is exciting because quickly you notice he can make quick, one-cut moves. Foster could be a great D1 pick up and with an added 15 lbs. could be a really special player. To get a better look at Foster, watch his junior game film.