Run My High School

Run My High School


Your high school can run, throw or jump with Speed Rank for free. We will unroll the turf right in your school parking lot and have all of your players run 40 yard dashes.

We can do this after school or on weekends completely free of charge. Each kid will receive a free personalized profile with all of their athletic information.

Why would I want Speed Rank to come to my school?

Speed Rank offers so much to team athletics. First is the competition that comes with testing your athletes. When athletes compete among their physical attributes, it increases their want to work hard and train. Everyone has someone on their team they compete with. Speed Rank is the perfect way to jump start a hard working team. Your players will also be able to see how they compare with other teams from your area. This also helps when scouting other teams. You are getting a detailed description of every player on the other squad.

Why will they work harder? Because with Speed Rank you will always get the chance to test again. If you don't run so well the first time. Then you get on the field or in the gym and work harder. The next time you come back... you will perform better. This will correlate right to the field or the court. There is no better way to increase the performance of athletics in your area. Kids will constantly be competing with each other and everyone knows that competition makes athletes more successful.

With Speed Rank you are providing your players with the opportunity to show what they have. There can be only so many players on a field and with large schools this is often a problem. Now good athletes on the bench have a chance to be seen by you the coach, be seen by college recruiters or even professional scouts and what coach doesn't want the best future for their players. College coaches will periodically be checking Speed Rank to find the top athletes. Nothing makes a recruiter or scout salivate more then true athleticism

Speed Rank offers a chance to spotlight your team. Your fans will have a chance to be more in tune with your team. In return more fans will go to your games.

So if you have some good athletes at your school. Let everyone know what they have. Speed Rank is the ultimate tool for keeping your kids focused and working hard.

Even your players don't test with us they can still make a profile. Give them a chance to get their name out there.

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