What is Speed Rank?

What is Speed Rank?

SpeedRank is proud to offer aspiring athletes a venue for certified competition on a global stage: SpeedRank.net.

SpeedRank Records all athlete's performances on video, collects their current statistics (speed, height, weight, age, D.O.B.) and uploads all the data to SpeedRank.net.

This allows the athletes, their competitors, colleges, scouts and professional coaches to see the real results from their intensive training and athleticism.

SpeedRank does not rate athletes by opinion; only factual data. All athletes compete in the same environment and on the same surface with digital timing started and stopped by laser technology. SpeedRank then categorizes athletes by speed, class, school, district and state.

When the player profile page is complete with video and statistics it will be uploaded to SpeedRank.net and will stay there for many years. The player profile page is free for the public to review.

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